Needham Ink

Needham Ink

I work with CIJ (continuous inkjet) technology in my business. I create special art for discerning, sophisticated clients. I can’t afford to hope or guess that the ink I use will be of quality and will produce the high quality prints my clients expect from me. I also can’t take chances on where I get my ink, solvents, and other CIJ-related supplies for my business. I personally get my CIJ inks from Needham Ink.

Needham produces the best Videojet compatible inks I’ve ever used. After using their inks for over 10 years, I have found them to be made from the highest quality raw materials just like they claim. Needham tests their inks using the appropriate printers, so I feel confident about the compatibility for my machine. I know I can provide my clients with the print quality them have come to appreciate.

I order inks from their website because it’s convenient and easy. They ship them quickly and in their original bottles, or they will brand them with the Needham logo or mine if I so choose. I buy the bulk containers as well for those times when I forget to reorder on time or unexpected large orders come in. I can’t afford to run out of ink.

I like Needham inks because of their attention to detail, promise of quality and performance across their inks, and their competitive prices. They don’t just sell me ink, they have built a solid relationship with me, which is refreshing for me and for my business. I have a lot of respect for Needham Ink and I’m confident about using them for all my ink and CIJ needs.

Needham Ink is a family owned and operated company in the UK, with a heritage of providing high-quality ink products since 1962. They stand by their products and services, which is rare in today’s business climate. It’s no wonder they are a leader in the coding and marking ink industry. Needham Ink provides a wide range of inks, solvents, paint markers, specialty inks (i.e. election stain), and others for CIJ and DOD (Drop-On-Demand) printers.

Posted Mar 20, 2017