Kim Walks Dogs

1. Kim Walks Dogs

   Rating: 10/10

Logan Square
Chicago, IL 60647
(847) 409-1196
- This is the best dog walker in Chicago!! We have large dogs and one that can be difficult at times to allow others to walk her. Danny, Kim, and Liz have...


Chicago Riverwalk
400 E Lower Wacker Dr
The Loop
Chicago, IL 60601
- If you are An Chicagoan you already know that scrolling along the Riverwalk is the bomb. Amazing scenery!!!! No Matter what the season of the year is...


Millennium Park

3. Millennium Park

   Rating: 9/10

201 E Randolph St
The Loop
Chicago, IL 60602
(312) 742-1168
- Now I was born in NY and after many visits to Chicago i feel a good comparison of Millennium Park is Central Park. This trip I stayed within walking...


Grant Park

4. Grant Park

   Rating: 9/10

331 E Randolph St
The Loop
Chicago, IL 60601
(312) 742-7648
- I was visiting a friend in Chicago and luckily, I came at the perfect timing where all the flowers and trees began blooming. The weather was warm and...


Ping Tom Memorial Park

5. Ping Tom Memorial Park

   Rating: 8/10

300 W 19th St
Chicago, IL 60616
- Great park. Hard to find entrance. Water taxi is super convenient. They've also recently added a fieldhouse and an indoor swimming pool. Park for...


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