Digital Storm Bolt II review
   Rating: 9.00
Sep 18, 2014 - As a habitual penny-pincher, there aren't many systems I think are worth over $2,000. The Bolt II, however, is definitely one of them. The "Best" configuration definitely delivers a machine with both performance and panache. And while it's not as customizable as I might've liked, the generally current components mean there's no real reason to start looking for better parts.

That said, the system's not flawless. I ran into a few issues with some of the ports on the Z97I-Plus motherboard and almost ran myself ragged trying to get the Blu-ray player to, well, play Blu-rays. Thankfully, many of these issues would be covered by Digital Storm's 3-year warranty.

The Digital Storm Bolt II is by no means the most value-packed PC on the market, but liquid-cooled, powerful performance in a stylish, small form factor comes at a premium. This doesn't best the Falcon Northwest Tiki in terms of what's possible in a console-sized system, but does incredibly well to get similar speeds for a fraction of the cost. If you're looking for a pretty pint-sized system that packs the performance of a full-size rig, the Bolt II is almost certainly the droid you've been looking for.


Digital Storm Bolt II
   Rating: 8.40
Aug 26, 2014 - If the massive profile of gaming rigs is what keeps you from buying one, then the Bolt II might be up your alley -- if you can stomach its high price tag. The Bolt II is small and sleek enough to fit on your desk, or even "sit unobtrusively in your living room or look great in your office," according to PC World, noting that the Bolt II's size and weight are "nothing compared to most desktop gaming rigs." And that goes for power consumption as well, with Digital Trends finding it "surprisingly efficient." That minimalism doesn't extend to its performance, as the Bolt II offered Digital Trends "excellent processor performance" and PC World says it "took everything we threw at it with aplomb." In case that still isn't enough, About says the Bolt II is "highly customizable," though Digital Trends notes that "tight power routing can make removing ... components more difficult" and PC World says there's "no room for a second video card." Out of the box, the Bolt II promises excellent performance in a slender form factor and it certainly delivers. But, with a price starting over $1700, we shouldn't expect any less and maybe it could have offered a bit more.