HTC One E8 (M8 Ace)
   Rating: 8.10
Sep 22, 2014 - If you like the design and features of the HTC One (M8) but always found its metal build and price point to be a bit off-putting, the One (E8) is the phone for you. It takes the basic design and all of the great features of the M8 and places them in a solid polycarbonate casing that feels good in the hand and costs a lot less too. The HTC One (E8) should look familiar enough, with a "design heritage" that Android Central calls "unmistakable," though with a "grippier plastic shell" that makes the E8 "easier to one-hand than its aluminum brother." Even if you were to drop it, it can probably take the hit as CNET notes it's "well-constructed and solid." However, anyone looking to impress others should know that CNET also feels it "doesn't add much new" and SlashGear says "plastic invites no reaction." … show more All of the other great One (M8) features are present, such as audio quality that CNET calls "crystal clear" and battery life that TechRadar says performed "remarkably well during testing" and is overall "pretty good." The camera is a bit of a mixed bag, with TechRadar saying it wasn't "in the same league as the One M8" despite a higher megapixel count. Android Central calls it "very, very average," though CNET at least found it "better than the flagship M8." The HTC One (E8) is a nice phone that would make a good alternative to the M8 -- if you're a Sprint customer. It's not worth switching carriers for, especially when the HTC One (M8) is so universally available.


HTC One E8 review
   Rating: 8.00
Aug 22, 2014 - The HTC One E8 is a phone that I'm happy to carry around and use - as long as I don't remember than the One M8 exists.

I always say: buy the best phone you can afford, as you'll be thankful in a year's time when you've still got 12 months left to run. With this handset, if you can, jump up to the full-fat One M8 to get the best experience, both aesthetically and spec-wise.

This is a phone that's in the weird situation of being bettered by a device that came out months before.

That said, if you can't (or don't want to) afford that, then the One E8 is a really great entry point into the higher echelons of the HTC ecosystem. But then so is the Desire 816. Or the One Mini 2.

It has all the power the One M8 did, but that's still not as much as other top phones, like the Galaxy S5 and LG G3. With the M8, that was offset by a beautifully created phone, but here that soul is missing.

It's not a bad phone for the cash by a long way, especially if you're a fan of top specs, but without the metal body and other HTC headliners, it feels like the One E8 is missing something - and the price reduction isn't enough to really quantify the loss of soul that the M8 has in spades.


HTC One E8 (black)
   Rating: 7.30
Aug 12, 2014 - The One E8 offers the high-end HTC experience in glossy colors and a plastic case, but without a unique selling point, there's little reason to buy this expensive device.