Samsung 850 Pro 512GB review
   Rating: 10.00
Jul 8, 2014 - In the two years since Samsung launched the 840 Pro, other SSDs have managed to catch up with its sequential read and write speeds. To stay on top, Samsung has needed to offer more than just minimal performance improvements with the 850 Pro. Its high write endurance and better power consumption are just the ticket, leapfrogging what most consumer SSDs offer.

Coupled with the drive's high IOPS rating and excellent overall performance, the 850 Pro is a brilliant SSD and deserves an unequivocal recommendation. Anyone building a high-end PC should consider the 850 Pro as their SSD of choice. In professional media editing environments in particular, which will involve vast amounts of data being written to the drive, the 850 Pro should last considerably longer than other drives on the market.

That said, you're unlikely to see much of a real-world performance boost if you already have a high-end SSD, and we're not sure there's much reason to upgrade unless you're still using a hard disk for your main system drive, or your existing SSD is low on capacity or drive health.

But despite the increased competition, with the 850 Pro Samsung has showed it's still top of the game when it comes to solid-state storage.