Sony X900A Series UHDTV
   Rating: 10.00
Oct 20, 2013 - Sony wasn't content with having just one UHDTV, they had to go out and make another that performs just as well -- if not better. Just like they did when 1080p debuted, critics are getting excited about the capabilities of UDHTV. In describing the the X900A's performance, Pocket-Lint says "there's a photogenic quality to its imagery" and that "images take on a window-like experience." TrustedReviews says "even the weaker content looks mouthwateringly good." Those big speakers on the side aren't just for show, either -- Digital Versus says "Sony has done it," and the speakers have "real bass and punch." There is no question that this is a TV for any die-hard movie enthusiast who doesn't want a projector, but at $5000 it's not exactly cheap, and available Ultra HD progamming is limited right now.