uCraft Free

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uCraft FreeSorry for the delay guys. We should have the update done this week or next week. uCraft is a 2D block building game where you can build anything you want. Save multiple worlds. Explore hills Dig ores and just have fun. We were debating releasing this a little later but in the end we voted to get this out to you guys as soon as possible. Now you can watch the app grow as we add features and new functionality. Thanks for all your comments guys. Make sure you check back regularly for updates. Features- Frequent Updates. Dynamic weather- Multi-Layer tile engine. Spawn Blocks, Build Stuff, Your only limits are your device and mind. Save and load up too twenty different worlds. Explode mobs with TNT. Create chain reactions with TNT and redstone torches. Make trees from saplings. Set burnable objects on fire and watch it spread.