Desktop Laser Marking with Minilase

Minilase Laser Marking System

What are the characteristics of a quality laser marking machine? For my money, I want a machine that is as maintenance-free as possible, easy to setup and use, a good warranty, and something that will mark across a wide variety of materials. These are the main traits of the Minilase Manual Desktop Laser Marking System.

When I am choosing a laser marking machine, I want something that is reliable, accurate, and fast, just like this Minilase desktop model. When I got mine from Needham Coding, all I had to do is unpack it, plug it in, and start marking. It really is that simple. My old system was bulky and too up a lot of space in my warehouse. Due to the nature of smaller, but more powerful technology, I was able to replace my old machine and save a lot of space by investing in the Minilase laser marking system.

I am hired to mark for several clients across many industries. That means my company marks on a variety of materials like metal, plastic, and other materials. I can do that simply by attaching the USB cable from the laptop PC to the Minilase laser system. This system is designed to work with desktops, laptops, tablets, or laptop/tablet hybrids. From there, I use the Minilase Pro SE Software to program the necessary marking for the customer. It takes only a little knowledge of software programs to make this system do its thing.

In my business, we mostly mark dates, logos, images, and graphics on materials our clients bring to us for marking. The Minilase Manual Desktop Laser Marking System makes the process quick, easy, and precise for my clients so I can feel confident about the services I perform for them. If you need a versatile and quality laser marking system, I would recommend this machine. It can mark barcodes, dates, serial numbers, and other kinds of marking and coding that might be required by a client or company.

I highly recommend getting your Minilase laser marking machine from Needham Coding because they have been in the marking and coding business since 1962 in the UK and they ship worldwide, quickly and safely to your location.

Posted Mar 20, 2017