Fabric Paint – What Will You Spray Paint Today?

People all over the globe love Simply Spray Fabric Paint and for good reason. You can tell by the positive user reviews on various websites, including the Simply Spray website. Spray painting fabric and upholstery was once only a dream that people couldn’t imagine, but now it’s a reality and something people everywhere do on a regular basis.

Some of the most common reviews for Simply Spray Fabric Paint come from people who have used it for a variety of projects from simple t-shirts to creative and complex stenciled pillows or furniture. With Simply Spray, you are only limited by what you can imagine, because if you can imagine it, you can probably spray paint it with fabric paint.

Recent Projects

If you want to create something different to wear, here are a few examples of user projects that will inspire you. At the Keep Calm and Carry On blog, this Simply Spray fabric spray project involved a straw hat. This is the basic results from a coat or two of blue fabric spray paint. The blogger went on to embellish the hat with more accessories, but this looks good just painted blue. What would you do to this hat?

Fabric Paint - Hat

Another blogger from Puddy’s House used Simply Spray Upholstery Paint (it dries soft) on a flea market find that she just couldn’t pass up. So, she painted it using stencils to create this professional-looking refurbishment on her chair. It’s amazing, right?

Fabric Paint - Chair

Here’s a neat project from the Simply Spray website that a user shared to show off her cute, striped, tank top for summertime activities. It’s this just adorable? What would you do with a t-shirt or tank top with fabric paint?

Fabric Paint - Tank Top

What do you think about this from Fun, Easy Crafts? This is a wild and funky lamp shade makeover that would be amazing in the bedroom or living room with a jungle animal theme.

Fabric Paint - Lamp Shade

This stenciled burlap project from The Chilly Dog blog, is sweet. Can you see this in a frame or on a pillow? Look how well Simply Spray fabric paint works with burlap and stencils.

Fabric Paint - Pillow

This beautiful sofa in natural camel was spray painted by one of our customers, and this is the result. The color used for this is camel beige, as shown. What a great neutral, yet vividly stunning color!

Fabric Paint - Sofa

You should be able to see now why people love Simply Spray fabric paint for these types of projects. Just look how great these all turned out and imagine what you can do and share with Simply Spray.

Great results par for the course when using Simply Spray fabric and upholstery paint, but that is just a perk of using this paint.

Simply Spray Fabric Paint is:

  • Fast-drying (within 30 minutes to 24 hours)
  • Easy to use
  • Fade-resistant and colorfast after 72 hours (a quick swipe of the hand will tell you if it’s ready to be used)
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-flammable
  • Safe for kids to use (with adult supervision, of course)
  • Soft to the touch after it dries

This is all just a few of the things that make Simply Spray the go-to fabric paint for creative do-it-yourself artists, crafters, and professionals.

Posted Apr 11, 2017