Follow Adder Review

With some of the competition wiped out due to Instagram's recent crackdown on legitimate Instagram bots, it's good to know what's still out there and out of these which ones are worth investing in.

Follow AdderFollow Adder is a strong, recommended auto bot which includes all essential Instagram services. While it might be slightly more expensive than alternatives such as Instazood, its still one of the best on the market and worth the money you will invest. Let's take a look at Follow Adder and its features to find out why its one of the best automated Instagram bots.

Among the standard services that most automated bots provide that include scheduled liking, commenting, following and sometimes direct messaging, Follow Adder has some additional features that make it stand out from the rest. One of these is the ability to run scheduled contests for you, which is quite a significant advantage – contests can attract a considerable amount of traffic to your Instagram.

It does this by allowing you to see precisely who liked, commented and shared the contest on your page so you can follow up with them by scheduling direct messaging. Follow Adder also has the ability to time delay its posts planned, so instead of applying them at the same time every day, it can wait and allow for fluctuation in peak times. This also makes the posting look more natural. Follow Adder is a flexible, easy to use automated bot that allows for sophisticated automated engagement on your Instagram.

Follow Adder is an advanced automated system that is continuously being improved by its programmers and updated based on requests from its users – so it's ever-evolving in its abilities to make a scheduled posting on Instagram one of your best investments. Because it only works with Instagram and now YouTube, its focus is much more exclusive, giving its team the time and experience it needs to cater specifically to Instagram. It even offers a free trial so that you can get a feel for it before you commit you Instagram to its programme. Follow Adder is rated one of the best Instagram bots.

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Posted Oct 14, 2017