Jabra Solemate Max

   Rating: 7.70
May 7, 2014 - With its large footprint and shoe-like bottom, the Solemate Max might make you think of one of Shaq's sneakers -- albeit with a speaker stuffed inside. But despite its unusual appearance, TechCrunch says the "rubber bottom offers up grip," and PC Mag compliments Jabra's efforts in that the company has "more or less mastered the art of making portability and ruggedness look modern and cool." However, its size is true to its name, and Expert Reviews says you will "want to move it from one room to another rather than throw in a backpack." Ultimately, the worth of a speaker is in its sound, and critics are agreed that the Solemate Max sounds pretty good, with Gear Diary calling the sound quality "excellent" and ChipChick says "it performs best with the volume turned up." Unfortunately, PC Mag says that "deep bass issues at top volumes are relatively minor, but a slight disappointment for such a large, expensive speaker." And price is what ultimately matters for the Solemate Max, which retails for $400 -- $100 more than its closest competitor, the Big Jambox. So while the Max is might be a hit in terms of its look and sound, it isn't enough to justify the cost.


Jabra Solemate Max review: Jabra's slick Solemate Max stumbles on price

   Rating: 7.20
Mar 3, 2014 - The bottom line: The Jabra Soulmate Max is a likeable wireless speaker with some strong selling points, but it simply doesn't justify its current $400 price tag.