JVC DLA-X500 review

   Rating: 9.00
Feb 17, 2014 - The ultimately very simple message about the X500 is that you need to put all the 4K kerfuffle from your mind and focus your attention – and, potentially, your wallet – on the simple fact that the X500 produces the most deliciously cinematic picture quality you’ll find for anything like as little as five grand.


JVC DLA-X7 review

   Rating: 10.00
May 4, 2011 - Verdict

However impressive the X7's 3D pictures might be, 3D viewing will probably only occupy a small proportion of your total viewing time (unless you're James Cameron). So it's handy that the X7 is also a terrific 2D projector.

On top of its impressive handling of dark sequences are punchy whites that are a big step forward from last year's models, intense colours and clean motion handling, even without resorting to the provided motion processing circuitry.

We also commend the X7's freedom from distracting video noise and its terrific sharpness, which did full justice to the exceptionally detailed Blu-ray transfer of The Social Network.

The big question for the X7 now is whether it can really justify costing nearly twice as much as the X3. We think it can, because it delivers a marked improvement over its cheaper sibling.

It'll be interesting to see how the flagship X9 can be even better.

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