Panasonic Smart VIERA VT60 Series
   Rating: 9.50
Aug 14, 2013 - Panasonic impressed critics so much with last year's VT50 Series that many felt there wasn't room for improvement with the VT60, but that isn't the case. It impressed FlatPanelsHD so much, they said "since VT60 takes picture quality to an even higher level we hereby award it with our Reference Award." CNET felt the same way, calling the VT60 "an excellent plasma with perhaps the best image quality you'll see this year not powered by light-emitting diodes." All this high quality comes at a lofty price, so if you you're on a tight budget, check out the cheaper -- and our current Must-have -- plasma ST60 Series. Otherwise, if the deepest black levels and best picture quality is what you crave, you won't feel bad spending big on what AVForums calls "the best consumer grade TV currently available."