Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
   Rating: 7.30
Nov 21, 2013 - Its reliable specs and availability on four carriers make the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini an easy-to-find midtier buy, but you should also compare the S4 Mini with its substantial competition.


Samsung Galaxy S4 review
   Rating: 9.00
Nov 19, 2013 - Make no mistake - the Samsung Galaxy S4 is far, far more than a Galaxy S3 'S' - Samsung may be copying Apple according to some people, but it's not as brazen as the Cupertino brand in flogging the exact same design with a slightly uprated processor and calling it a new phone.

The Galaxy S4 is a great, great device in its own right, re-inventing what it means to own a brilliant smartphone in a number of ways. The gestures are cool, the touch-less experience amazing at times - in short, it's a wonderful phone you want to pull out of your pocket again and again and again.

The design issue is overblown, but pertinent. Yes, it's plastic, and yes, compared to the competition you wouldn't choose to spend £500 on it for the chassis. But it's a very solid device that belies that exterior and shouldn't be discounted for it, although it still feels like the cheapest of all the top end phones on the market - we're slightly amazed that Samsung hasn't gone a few steps further with the design after the S3's criticism.

TouchWiz is getting a little complex now, though. The simplicity of HTC Sense shines through, and the HTC One is a superior device in many ways because the innovation is based on things users want. Where Samsung brought the ability to wave to move photos, the HTC One made the speaker better.

Where the S4 lets you scroll with your head, the One lets you take photos in low light. The latter feature is slightly offset by the S4's auto Night Mode, but you get the picture.

But screw all the 'which phone is better than the other' notion for now (we'll get to that in our best mobile phones piece) the Galaxy S4 is a stunning smartphone that won't let you down for a variety of tasks.

Although we will admit, it's not as good overall as the HTC One, especially when you factor in the design.

But there's no doubt Samsung will have to make a big step forward to keep users interested with the Galaxy S5, but for now we love the S4 and would be proud to have it in our pocket.


Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom (SM-C1010)
   Rating: 6.00
Jul 12, 2013 - Samsung's GS4 Zoom may be a slight improvement over the Galaxy Camera, but it's still not very good.


Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom review
   Rating: 8.00
Jul 12, 2013 - The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is a great smartphone/camera hybrid – it’s a decent mid-range smartphone and camera delivers where it counts. We can’t recommend it to everyone, but if you love the idea then you’ll love the S4 Zoom.Next, find out which phones we rate the best mobile phones of 2013.


Battle of the waterproof phones: Samsung Galaxy S4 Active vs. Sony Xperia Z
   Rating: 8.10
Jul 10, 2013 - The takeaway from these two phones is simple: I was able to have a waterproof phone without feeling like I was missing out on a high-end smartphone experience. I can take it to the pool or the beach, spill beer on it, and not have a heart attack when my daughter grabs it out of my hands and drops it in a puddle.

And I didn’t have to rely on a cumbersome and ugly case to have that kind of worry-free security. Between the two, I’d choose the S4 Active, since it offers a better camera, faster processor, and a more comfortable shape. Unfortunately, if you aren’t a T-Mobile or AT&T customer, you don’t really have a great option for a waterproof smartphone that can run with the best of them right now, but that will likely change in the future.

Given that Sony and Samsung have been able to make waterproof smartphones without giving up all of the other features that people are looking for, I’d be surprised if we didn’t see more waterproof options on the market next year. Until then, I’ll be on the beach sipping a Mai Tai and Instagramming pictures of my feet underwater.


Review: Samsung Galaxy S4 Android Phone
   Rating: 7.00
Apr 24, 2013 - WIRED Everything you loved about the S III, but more of it. Big battery lasts all day. Super AMOLED 1080×1920 screen is one of the sharpest you can buy, and it uses the new, more durable Gorilla Glass 3. MHL 2.0 port lets you connect to an HDTV. Crisp daylight photos. OK, so the visual language translation thing is pretty damn cool (requires a data connection).

TIRED Samsung’s software is big bag of “why?” Construction is cheap, and there’s nothing exotic or inspiring about the hardware design. Camera software is kludgy, and low-light shots get noisy quickly. Pricing varies widely (see above) but leans toward expensive.


Samsung Galaxy S4 Review
   Rating: 8.00
Apr 23, 2013 - Highs: Comfortable, lightweight, attractive design. Access to battery. Beautiful full HD display. Tons of features, many very useful. Great camera. Fast, smooth performance.

Lows: TouchWiz has cartoony design. Some features only work with proprietary apps. Mediocre battery life.