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uCraft Full VersionuCraft is a 2D block building game where you can build anything you want. Explore, dig, farm, survive and just have fun. We are continually adding new features and functionalities. Join the uCraft community and help mold what will be an awesome survival game.Note: If you are having trouble importing skins, make sure uCraft has permissions to access your photo library. You can do this on your device in settings/applications menu.Now Survival Alpha !!!!Features- Full version includes extra large map. 2500 x 128- Frequent Updates.- Import your favorite player skins.- Dynamic weather- Multi-Layer tile engine.- Spawn Blocks, Build Stuff, Your only limits are your device and mind.- Explode mobs with TNT.- Create chain reactions with TNT and torches.- Grow trees from saplings.Version 4.5.7Fixed bug: Where player would get stuck on the right edge of the map.Fixed bug: Where jumping on a ladder would cause fall damage.Fixed bug: Where taking damage on a ladder would cause player to fall through map.Fixed bug: When dying saplings in player inventory would get planted.Fixed bug: Where players initial spawn point would sometimes be on leaves.Updated: Mobs that are on fire no longer catch blocks on fire.Updated: Full Screen Ads will now display only when interacting with the main menu.Added: Initial Spawn Point - Each world now has an initial spawn point.Note: If you die and you have not slept in a bed you will re-spawn at your initial spawn point.